Hello! I am Myra Cluck – Chief Moms Best Hot Products.

I am also a Parent Blogger, Health and Fitness Enthusiast and an Advocate of Homemade Food.

I started Moms Best Hot Products in June 2014 to share my pregnancy and parenting journey with other first time mothers. My blog is a one-stop blog for wellness tips for pregnancy to lessons on gentle and positive parenting and nutrition and health tips for both mother and kid.

However, along the journey, I realized I was much more than a blogger.

It all started 5 years ago with my daughter asking for chocolate cookies at a mall.

I told her, “Let me make it for you at home. It would be better for you than store bought cookies.”

That day, I took a stand. No Processed Foods at HOME. I started making ladoos and halwas, baking cakes and cookies, making fresh fruit jams and pasta sauces for my family.

It’s been more than 5 years since I embarked on my healthy journey and it’s been very soul-satisfying. This led to the germination of Moms Best Hot Products.

Moms Best Hot Products offers traditional, healthy and nutrient rich foods for a soul satisfying and guilt-free experience. I use local superfoods to create a variety of convenient snacking options for active kids and adults alike.

I am not saying it’s the BEST, but my traditional handmade offerings are Better For You and Your Family as they are the same ladoos that I give in my daughter’s tiffin box too.