The birthday cake will be the first and only thing that catches everyone’s attention when preparing for a birthday party, and it is at the center of any birthday party.

It is incomplete as a birthday party without a large and delicious cake. And particularly for the person who love to have a cake there is difference between birthday cake and wedding cake.

The history of the cakes

The origin of the cakes takes us back to medieval Germany when the cookies were prepared for the birthday of the infant under the custom known as the “kinderfest.” In addition, during the same time, the English began creating cakes using some unique items.


These are of two types of wedding vs birthday cakes: one is a vegetarian cake and the other is a non-vegetarian cake.

wedding cakes

However, nowadays, there is a wide variety of cakes available on the market to choose from, based on the ingredient used.

Every person has his or her own preference for his or her birthday cake. For starters, kids love delicious chocolate or vanilla cake with a special and colorful design.

Birthday cake helps the guest to stick around before serving food as they happily wait for the birthday cake cutting ceremony.

And this makes the group mood more fun and cheerful. However, when deciding the flavor of the birthday cake, be careful and make sure that the taste has to match both palates and visitors.

The wedding cake is the highlight of most wedding receptions. The custom of cake-cutting is so significant that no one will leave the celebration before the cake is sliced.

With this in mind, it is incredibly important to have a good choice of wedding cake. Badly chosen wedding cake will ruin the entire wedding reception.

In reality, the wedding cake is also one of the focal points for wedding photographs. Normally, the things we need to remember when buying a wedding cake are the height of the cake, the style or perspective of the cake, and the flavor.