There are several different styles of jeans, but most of them have the same substance called denim. In fact, jeans can be made of any other material that is a growing misunderstanding.

The word “jean” simply refers to the style of the trousers. The Levi denim factory run is the perfect example of what a jean style is.

The biggest difference in denim today is the denim cut or match. Companies have many different names for the style as there is difference between mom and dad jean styles, but they follow some very basic principles that are not unique, they simply follow emerging fashion trends.

There are three main parts of a pair of jeans to begin with. The position where the jeans sit on the person’s waist is called the lift.

styles of jeans

There are moderate, normal and low-rise jeans depending on whether the jeans fall above, at or below the knee. Next, the jeans’ thigh also has three separate fits.

The whole thigh is big and very ordinary about dad vs mom jean wearing.

Mom’s jeans are just a more casual version of your modern high-waist denim.

Although having a more relaxed zipper area and a closer fit around the booty, this style has also been criticized for being unflattering.

However, it will not deter stylists from wearing them anywhere. After all, the elongated butt element is the secret to completing the look!

mom jean stylesMore than certainly, several versions of this pants reach right at the knee, and they are great for matching with your beloved booties.

Boyfriend jeans was the arch enemy of skinny jeans. Fully shying away from the smaller, tightly fitted jacket, they are more a baggier, casual style coat.

It is the ultimate hoodie of the denim nation! A lot of people practice the cropped ankle area by inserting a cuff.

Marilyn Monroe was pictured in the 60s wearing a pair and Katie Holmes led her return in 2009. These jeans are continually changing, and here they live!

Such jeans are beyond flexible, from classy to edgy. Attach an oversized tee or crop to your beloved Chuck Taylors for a total boyfriend look.